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UPVC Fascia, Soffits & Gutters Essex - Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd

high quality fascias, soffits & guttering
Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

We offer a stylish and durable range of coloured, high-quality and bespoke Fascias, Soffits and Guttering

There are many options available to suit your needs and budget – whether you’re looking for a full refresh, or an isolated replacement service.

Our products include fascias, soffits, bargeboards, cladding, Tudor board, gutters and downpipes that are guaranteed to be weather-resistant and long-lasting. Because they won’t warp, crack, flake or peel, there is also no need for any painting or repairing.

Simply discuss your project with our friendly team, then relax as we transform and perfect your home’s roofline.

Confused about roofline options?

When replacing your roofline, there are various options to consider. We’ll always discuss these with you in detail, so you can be sure of the right solution for your home.

In short, you can usually select from a ‘cap over’ or a ‘full replacement’.

Cap Over

This is the simplest and most budget-friendly option, which involves ‘capping over’ (or over cladding) existing rot-free timber with 8mm, UPVC-capped boards.

Any rotting timber will be replaced, and we’ll take care to use soffit vents or fascia ventilation strips if your soffit board is ventilated.

Full Replacement

This service takes care of everything roofline-related, and is a true long-term investment in your home.

We’ll start by removing all existing timber fascia, barge board and soffit, before carefully inspecting the roof felt for damage.

We’ll then check, treat and repair rafter ends if needed, and attach ventilation strips to the new fascia board so that air flows into the roof space (between the felt and fascia board).

We’ll also ensure that small birds and/or large insects are prevented from entering your roof space under the tiles, before fitting your brand-new UPVC fascia, barge board and soffit.

Typically, we’ll install felt trays to prevent future sagging and water ponding, and fit gutter guards if needed.

Maintaining Your
Existing Woodwork

Rotting roofline causes no end of damage – not just to the look of your home, but also to its structure. In the worst cases, the rot could even lead to woodworm, whilst encouraging vermin to make themselves at home.

While replacing your roofline may seem like a large and intimidating project at first, we’ll make the process seem effortless. Plus, once we’ve completed our work, you won’t have to think about it again.

Our weatherproof PVC-U products not only come with a 10-year guarantee, but all our roofline work is completed by friendly and experienced craftspeople. We’ll talk to you about your unique needs and budget, and we’ll ensure the solution we offer meets both.

Better still, the environmental benefits of PVC-U are such that it will be decades before you’ll even have to consider replacing your roofline again.

With a working life of 40 years, more thermal efficiency than timber, and 100% recyclability (you can recycle PVC-U up to 10 times, in fact), we’ll leave you and your home with secure peace of mind that lasts for the best part of a lifetime.

All Roofline Products Carry a 10 Year Guarantee*
All our roofline is fitted by time served experienced craftsmen. From a small job to a complete replacement of your exterior woodwork and rainwater parts, Greenoak are happy to visit your home, when our experienced surveyor will review your needs, and offer the best and most cost effective solution
The Environmental Benefits of Choosing PVC-U

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We're trusted within our industry
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