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Does Silicone rendering a House help with insulation?

Rendering is a sought-after technique used in various building projects throughout the whole of the UK which involves applying a protective layer to the exterior walls of a building. Whilst many believe that rendering a house only brings aesthetics, house valuation and durability to a structure into the mix, most tend to overlook the benefits of thermal performance.

But can silicone rendering help with insulation? This blog will outline the benefits of silicone rendering and how this product can help you achieve a warmer and cosier home.

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Understanding Rendering and Insulation

External render is a protective coating applied to a building’s exterior, safeguarding the underlying structure materials like bricks, blockwork, and concrete from the forces of nature—wind, rainfall, and relentless UV rays. Moreover, render offers more than just functional benefits; it also enhances the visual appeal of a building, making it a remarkable solution for both functionality and aesthetics.

On the other hand, insulation is crucial in maintaining thermal comfort. Insulation minimises heat loss during colder months and prevents heat gain during the scorching summer, thereby reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling solutions. It’s one of many essential components for energy efficiency.

The Benefits of Silicone Render:

You may wonder about the benefits of silicone render besides insulation. As opposed to traditional cement render, silicone render is more of a specialist applicant that will not only do your property good but also save you money in the long run. Let us tell you why:

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It's water resistant

As opposed to traditional cement render, silicone render is known to be highly water-resistant. This is because silicone render forms a hydrophobic barrier across the surface, allowing your home to be protected from water penetration and additional moisture-caused issues such as mould growth, dampness and general deterioration.

In this case, silicone render is the only type of render that can be considered totally waterproof.

Solid brick wall white paint covered house

Let your house breathe

From living in the United Kingdom, you would probably know homes are commonly constructed with solid brick walls. When looking at the pros for this, we know that in case of an earthquake or heavy winds, our homes will be more than capable of showing their resilience.

But there’s a catch. Most homes built with solid walls are susceptible to water vapour, which can move freely throughout the building due to the high ventilation levels and draughts. Silicone render is a fantastic combatant for making sure that your home becomes breathable, allowing water to escape the building’s exterior and allowing condensation buildup.

Cracked render

Don't worry about the cracks

Have you ever seen a building and thought, “How did the cracks get there?”. So when it comes down to cement-based render, the most common cause for cracks in this product is the weather condition.

Building movement and weather conditions in the UK, like wind and rain, can be the main culprit in ensuring cracks are formed. As we mentioned before, water vapour and condensation can also have a not-so-good impact on this. The silicone render comes out on top again! It is the winner due to its flexible, rubbery polymer material.

And it doesn't stop there

Silicone render has emerged as a highly versatile and transformative exterior wall finish, offering many benefits that enhance the look and performance of your building. Not only does it provide excellent protection, but it also maintains its sleek and vibrant appearance over time, thanks to its strong resistance to UV rays.

This means that your structure will continue to exude elegance even in the face of harsh sunlight. Furthermore, silicone rendering goes beyond mere aesthetics. It is a low-maintenance solution that effortlessly repels dirt and grime, making it an ideal choice for those who value enduring beauty and practicality.

Heat detector pointing at house

Does silicone render help with insulation?

There has been a lot of research that tells us whether silicone render is the best option for insulating properties. Professional, leading industry experts indicate that silicone render does, in fact help protect properties, where the thicker the coat is, the better the insulation can be.

To achieve optimum insulation performance, external boarding systems coupled with silicone rendering can do the job better than any other cement and sand render. Of course, more insulated products can do the job, but let’s talk about fibreglass or foam insulation as an example.

These products are commonly used as a material to help boost property insulation, but they have their setbacks. Fibreglass is known to be cost-effective and easy to install but less durable, and foam is known to be very difficult to install and remove. Silicone render comes out with its full capabilities and ease of use as opposed to these products and many more on the market.

Let's wrap it up...

In the captivating world of construction, silicone render emerges as a true hero, transcending mere aesthetics to offer a symphony of benefits. Beyond its role in enhancing a building’s allure and protection, silicone render takes on the mantle of insulation champion, ushering in a new era of energy efficiency and comfort.

This versatile solution combines the best of both worlds, seamlessly fending off the elements while cocooning homes in a warm embrace. With its remarkable water resistance, flexibility to defy cracks, and unwavering resistance to UV rays, silicone render stands tall as a beacon of durability and low-maintenance elegance.

In a nutshell, it’s not just about appearances; silicone render redefines the very essence of a building, turning it into a haven where style, resilience, and energy efficiency intertwine.

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