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Greenoaks Concept & Design
Company Terms

Greenoak Concept & Design T&Cs are up to date as off todays date and supersede all signed contracts


1 This document is intended to contain all terms upon which the Purchaser agrees to purchase the products described overleaf from the Company. Any additional term, condition or verbal agreement should be written down for the purpose of clarity and signed by the Purchaser (ie variation of contract or VOC) All goods remain the property of The Company until payment is received in full.

2 The Purchaser shall grant the Company’s Representative unrestricted access to the premises at all reasonable times, for the purposes of taking measurements, carrying out the works forming the subject of the contract and for any subsequent remedial work if required. In some cases, the Company may need to site skips, ladders, scaffold, or vehicles on the premises to complete its contractual obligations. The Purchaser agrees at no cost to the Company to provide such electricity, gas, or water to enable the Company to complete the installation and if necessary, any remedial works. In the event of access being required to neighbouring
land it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that access is granted, and the Company shall not be held liable for any delays arising out of the Purchaser’s inability to gain such access.

3 The Purchaser has the right to cancel this Agreement and is referred to the Notice of Cancellation Rights below.

4 As soon as practicable and in any event within 14 days of the date of this Agreement the Company will arrange an appointment for detailed measurements of the proposed works to be taken by a Representative of the Company (“The Survey”) so that the Company may satisfy itself of:
a) Design, size, and technical specification to ensure products can be correctly installed and comply with current laws and regulations.
b) The appropriateness of the price specified overleaf in the light of (a) above.
c) Party wall, building control or planning permissions agreement must be in place if applicable.

The survey will be carried out at the earliest opportunity and not later than 21 days after the date of the Agreement. The time limits provided in this Clause are subject to access being provided by the Customer in accordance with Clause 2 of the Agreement.

5 The Company agrees to supply the products at the price specified in the Agreement subject to the Surveyor’s approval of the feasibility of the works and correctness of the price. In the event of any modification of the works or price being revised due to survey, within 28 days of the survey the Company shall either cancel the Contract or send the Purchaser a written notice explaining the reason for any modification required to the works or price. For example, the reason may be due to additional building work such as new lintels, legal requirements, or the discovery of asbestos related materials within the vicinity which were not identified at the time of the original viewing of the property. In addition to this should Greenoak find issues on commencement of works that were not found upon survey, i.e rotten timbers under products that were in place before and this need replacing there will be additional charges. All surveys supersede signed and dated contracts for, designs, colours, locations, and numbers of trickle vents, if in doubt contact your sales adviser. If the Purchaser does not accept the proposed modifications within 14 days of their notification, the contract shall be cancelled. Thereafter, the Company reserves the right to cancel the Contract only in the event of unsatisfactory credit reference(s) being obtained of the Purchaser in accordance with Clause 7. The Company also reserves the right to cancel the project at any stage with all payments repaid to customer to date should the company find issues with said project, ie: wrong products ordered via company or customer, issues with property, not being able to have access to property, customers with holding payments as
per contract. All cancellations will be made in writing via email.

6 If the contract is cancelled in accordance with Clause 3 or 5 of the Agreement any deposits paid shall be refunded to the Purchaser in full.

7 The deposit will be held against any charges arising under Clause 8 or 9 where they apply, or settlement against the balance payable on completion of the contract under Clause 17.

8 (a) The Company will not make, unless otherwise agreed in writing, make any application for Planning Permission or Building control on behalf of the Purchaser. The cost of securing Planning or building control will be the responsibility of the Purchaser. If building control is provided (Tiled conservatory roofs chargeable) it is the customers responsibility to make sure correct doors are in place from living area to conservatory, heating is sufficient with the area of the conservatory with thermostatic valves for temperature control, correct rain water discharge into a drain or gully, but this may discharge onto another surface if its drained,
i.e. sock away, and all foundations are fit for purpose to the minimum depth off 1000mm.

If you wish for your Tiled roof to comply with building control regulations there will be requirements for extra PIR insulation and fees for building control via JHAI building control, please ask your representative for an additional cost. Please note few Local authorities in England and Wales don’t currently consider conservatory roofs replacements to come under Building Regulations, if in doubt please contact your local authority or speak with a member at Greenoak Concept & Design for further advice. Should you require your windows and doors to be PAS24, this will need to be advised on contract / survey, and put in writing, Greenoak Concept & Design shall be under no liability or responsibility whatsoever in the event PAS24 being required via homeowner or contractor. It is the Purchaser’s sole responsibility to ensure all requirements.

(b) It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to inform the Company in writing, whether the premises are a Listed Building or within a Conservation Area as defined by Statute, in which case it is the purchaser responsibility obtain any permissions, Greenoak Concept & Design will not be liable if this is not obtained.
(c) Should any Approval:
i. Prove to be obtained only by revision of the works specified overleaf the Company will quote a revised price to the Purchaser. If this is not accepted by the Purchaser within 7 days of the quotation the Company will be at liberty to cancel the Contract by written notice to the Purchaser: or
ii. Not be forthcoming the Company will likewise be at liberty to cancel the Contract.
(d) If the Purchaser fails to inform the Company that the premises are a Listed Building or within a Conservation Area the Company shall be entitled to assume without any further enquiry that the Purchaser has obtained any relevant Consent or Approvals to the carrying out of the works and shall be under no liability whatsoever in the event of any enforcement or other action by the Local Authority or any other person or body.

9 If the Contract is cancelled in accordance with Clause 8 the Company will refund such money as appropriate having considered for the work done and services rendered, including Planning Applications.

10 If the Purchaser cancels the contract in accordance with these terms and conditions, the Company reserves the right to charge the following, which represents the losses and expenses incurred by the Company prior to cancellation:

a) 20% of the total contract price where the Purchaser cancels prior to commencement of the Survey.
b) 30% of the total contract price where the Purchaser cancels after commencement of the Survey but prior to commencement of manufacture.
c) 80% of the total contract price where the Purchaser cancels after commencement of manufacture but prior to commencement of installation.
d) A delivery date specified or otherwise given by The Company to The Purchaser shall be taken as an estimate only and is made by The Company in good faith. For the avoidance of doubt time shall not be of the essence of The Contract unless otherwise agreed in writing by The Company and The Purchaser. If the delivery date specified is varied, then the approximate delivery period will be deemed to apply to the date of the Company’s notification to The Purchaser instead of the original date of The Contract

11 Samples and photographs are used to demonstrate a typical product, its composition and colour. No guarantee is given that the product/colour supplied will conform precisely to the samples, this is to include frame designs and gasket colours. Measurements made by the Company’s Sales Representative are approximate and used only for the purpose of calculating the price specified overleaf. The Company reserves the right to make minor non-aesthetic alterations to the specification of
the products described overleaf. All images are external on contracts and surveys.

12 Unless otherwise agreed in writing the Company will not undertake the removal and re-siting of any gas, electrical, wiring, plumbing, waste, and soil pipes. telephone, doorbells including Ring Doorbells, Sky dishes, alarm systems, lights, downpipes, tv Ariel’s, cctv systems, clipping back lose cables, door numbers, letter boxes and doorbells. Suitable arrangements should be made by the Purchaser for any such works to be carried out prior to commencement of the works required under this Contract. Failure to comply could incur additional charges if commencement of work is delayed due to site being unprepared.

13 The Company will use its best endeavours to honour any installation date given but cannot be held liable for any loses suffered because of any delay that has resulted from the factors that are outside the reasonable control of the Company (Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd). Such factors include (but are not limited to) adverse weather or traffic conditions, mechanical breakdown, pandemics, Supplier delays or previous contracts running /over-running for reasons that could not reasonably have
been foreseen. If the Company is unable to meet an installation date, it shall give the Purchaser as much notice as possible and arrange an alternative convenient date.

14 If the specified works are not completed within the delivery period quoted to the Purchaser, the Purchaser may serve written notice on the Company requiring that the works be completed within reasonable period, being any event not less than 6 weeks, as the Purchaser may specify “(The Company Notice)’. If the work is not completed within that extended period, the Purchaser may cancel the Contract by serving written notice of cancellation on the Company. The Company recommends that any notice is sent by Recorded Delivery. Notwithstanding the foregoing.

a) The Company shall not be liable for any delay in the completion of the work which arises from causes beyond the reasonable control of the Company, ie weather, sickness or fitting team etc. Where a completion Notice has been served that Notice shall be automatically extended to consider any such delays that have occurred; and
b) The Purchaser shall remain liable to pay for such part of the work as has been completed in cases where the Purchaser cancels the Contract part completed.

15 The Company’s formal written Guarantee will be sent to the Purchaser upon receipt of the balance payable on completion. The Company provides a 10-year Guarantee detailed below, subject to the exclusions in Clause 15 T&C are subject to change and the most update can be viewed on the company website. All guarantees will only be released after full settlement of the account.

i 10 years – Windows, doors, UPVC Frames only.
ii 1 years – Glass sealed units – excluding breakages, misuse or neglect is not covered under this guarantee.
iii 6 months – Repair work to brickwork, plastering, Rendering, plumbing and electrical carried out by the Company.
iv 1 year – Mastic sealants, kick bars, Hardie Plank Cladding, Locks, hinges, letter plates, keys, Rendering, Plastering, Fascia’s, Soffit’s, Guttering and down pipes, roofing tiles, flat roofing, conservatory tiled roof systems including sky lights vestas, velux windows and all moving parts.
v 6 months – New silicone Rendering systems with or without EPS insulation, customer will have manufacturers 10-year warrantee.
vi 6 months – plastic hollow cladding.
Vii 1 year – Aluminium Doors and Composite Doors

The Company undertakes to repair or replace free of charge any products manufactured or supplied by the Company which prove defective because of faulty materials or workmanship from the date of completion during the above guarantee periods. Any repair works carried out or replacement parts supplied within the guarantee period will also be covered by the Guarantee, but only for the remainder of the Guarantee period. The Purchasers attention is drawn to the maintenance instructions found on the products manufactures websites. The Company accepts NO liability in respect of the following:

a) Damage due to animal, insects, rodents, or other, accident, storm, flood, neglect, misuse, faults, or premature deterioration which result from the Purchasers failure to comply with any maintenance instructions printed on the reverse of the Guarantee or on any relevant manufacturers guarantee.
b) The failure of the installation to reduce condensation – further details available on request.
c) Damage caused by movement, expansion or contraction of the ground or soil, due to underground or mine workings, plaster works due to settlement with tiled conservatory roofing, rendering systems, with or without insulation, climatic changes, water content or tree root activity.
d) Damage to the product attributable to the failure of foundations or structure when these have not been constructed by the Company.
e) Discolouration or frost damage to brick work, rendering systems, lead work, with or without insulation, and cladding.
f) Minor defects to plaster work or brick work due to settlement and movement, this also includes painting from tiled conservatory roofing and rendering systems, with or without insulation,
g) Damage or deterioration to the product arising out of normal wear and tear in the home, pollution and the effect of sea or salt water.
h) The fading or discoluoration over time due to natural causes.
i) Any pointing or mastic joints and silicone.
j) Staining caused by any substance whatsoever, and includes condensation, water ingress, damp, or mould, this includes water ingress whilst tiled roofs are being installed to walls, windows, flooring, electrics, rendering systems, with or without insulation, and appliances. All installation teams do undertake due care and protect area where possible, in the event of scaffolding being used, Greenoak are free from any damaged coursed via scaffolding contractor, and any disputes are to be taken up with the scaffolding company directly.
k) Damage due to placement of Purchasers own fixings causing failure of sealed units, locks or hinges or interference with drainage channels and rendering systems, with or without insulation,
l) Damage caused by the incorrect location of blinds, which can result in over-heating of internal trims and subsequent thermal movement or distortion.
m) Any variation in the colour or shade of any glass, glazing materials or upvc products (such as roof panels) supplied under this guarantee, where the variation is because the relevant manufacturer no longer manufactures the glass or glazing materials in question.
n) Our inability to provide parts or furniture which have become obsolete, in which case the Company shall provide an alternative of an equivalent quality.
o) Any scratches to glass or rendering systems, with or without insulation, which have not been reported to the Company within 1 weeks of the installation date (in writing)
p) Any business losses that the Purchaser suffers in relation to the use of the property at which the installation has been or is due to be carried out. For the avoidance of any doubt ‘business losses’ include (but are not limited to) losses such as loss of rental income, professional fee income, loss of bookings and loss of profits. If the Purchaser is operating any form of business at or from the installation address, the Company recommends that the Purchaser takes out his own business insurance to cover such losses.
q) Any remedial works which may be required to the living space, base, or foundations because of a fault or defect in the base works where the company has not built the base unless the defect is due to inaccurate information supplied by the Company on its plans.
r) Damage or deterioration to the product arising out of heat, smoke or fire from a barbeque, patio heater or other such equipment that has been placed, contrary to the Company’s recommendations, either directly under or in the vicinity of an installation by the Company
s) Damage to outside fixtures and fittings i.e., taps, sockets, lights, gutters, down pipes, fascia, soffit, drains, soak away drain, manhole covers, gas pipes, sewage pipes, waste and water pipes, TV & Sky products, CCTV and alarm systems, driveways, walls, and paths.
t) When working at height, Flat roofs i.e., felt, plastic EDPM rubber or fibre glass, on garages, porches, and extensions, although every effort is made to protect these areas if needed for access, Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd. will not be held responsible for any damage when work is being carried out above. Vehicles should also be parked away from the area to prevent damage from any falling debris.
u) When installing all products, the Company is not liable for reinstating lights, downpipes, satellite dishes, tv Ariel’s, alarms systems, CCTV systems, clipping back lose cables, door numbers, letter boxes and doorbells, blinds, curtains, or shutter. All these products will need to be removed prior to works. In addition, all customers furniture and possessions are to be removed from the said area before works start.
v) Unless stated in original signed contract painting or rendering or painting to plinths, internal plaster work and concrete soffits will charge at an addition cost to customer.
w) No responsibility is taken for Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd when removing rubbish, Greenoak Concept & Design are only responsible for removal of their own rubbish only.

No responsibility is taken via Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd to condensation on any windows and doors under the new DOC F policy relating to Trickle Vents, all customers are to understand ventilation of their property to avoid condensation. Our double-glazed units are designed to reduce heat loss. The fitting of double glazing will not eliminate condensation. This is dependent upon the environment within the dwelling. We are unable to guarantee or warranty that double glazing will reduce or
eliminate condensation.

16 a) The Company will use reasonable care and good practices when carrying out the installation. The Company will make good damage caused during installation to plaster, rendering systems, with or without insulation, or brick work immediately surrounding the product. The Company does not undertake to provide matching bricks, cladding, rendering or specialised finishes such as pebbledash, monocouche, silicone etc, neither does the Company undertake any making good to wallpaper, tiling, or painting and for the avoidance of any doubt, tiles are considered decoration and should they be accidentally damaged, they will not be replaced. All blinds, curtains or shutters must be removed prior to start of works.
b) The Company accepts no responsibility for any damage resulting from existing structural or other defects in the property at which the installation is carried out i.e., Roofing, tiles, slates, cement verges, under cloaks, loft battens, lintels, rafters fence panels. Any items of value albeit monetary or sentimental should be removed or protected from the working area to safeguard from damage, Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd will not be held responsible for such breakages.

17 The balance is payable on completion of the installation or on delivery where the Contract is for supply only, or as per the contract payment schedule. Payment shall be made by applying any Payments held against the balance, and the remaining balance shall be due by way of Bank Transfer, Cash, or Cheque payable to: Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd. If payment is not made on the due date in accordance with this clause, the Company shall have the right to require payment of interest on the outstanding amount at a rate of 4% above Barclays Bank plc base rate accruing daily from the due date until date of actual payment.

Furthermore, the Company may refuse to provide any further services under the Agreement until such times as any outstanding stage payments have been paid and shall not be liable for any delays caused as a result. This included tiled conservatory roof installations, Building Control certificates are only issued upon completion of works and cleared balances, upon a final site visit will take place via building control, any delay with balances on this part may incur the above. All final balances should be cleared and paid for before any removal of scaffolding.

Should there be any small manufacture issues upon completion i.e.: scratches to glass, chips to beads, rendering systems, with or without insulation, or any other related minor defects that do not stop the functionally or working of the product supplied, the customer has the right to withhold 5% of the closing balance as a retainer until issue are resolved. All guarantees and certificates will still be issued upon the balance being made minus the 5% retainer. When scaffolding is in place, full balance is still required in full upon completion of Greenoak Concept & Design works, not when scaffolding comes down, scaffolding maybe left up for two days after the project.

18 By signing this agreement, the Purchaser confirms that he is the owner of the property at which the installation is to take place and that he has complete authority to enter into this Agreement. The Purchaser will also be asked to confirm this on the survey. The Company is only prepared to contract with the Purchaser on that basis. The Company reserves the right to carry out checks to verify ownership of the property. If the Company discovers that the Purchaser is in breach of this Clause, the Company may in
its absolute discretion:
a) Cancel this Agreement, in which case the Purchaser shall be liable to the Company for all costs incurred to date.
b) Continue with the Agreement provided that the Purchaser makes such stage payments as are reasonable, considering the costs that have been or will be incurred by the Company in performing the Contract.

19 The Contract price set out overleaf is inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate at the date of this Contract unless the Contract is noted as being VAT exempt on the front of this document. Any variation in the applicable rate of VAT or, where no VAT is shown overleaf as chargeable, any imposition of VAT after the date of the Contract overleaf will be passed to the Purchaser.

20 You must allow access to the property to complete the installation. If you do not allow installation within 14 days of the agreed installation date, you agree to pay 60% of the outstanding amount. On receipt of this payment, your products will be stored for a maximum of 14 days without charge.

21 All glass or rendering systems or plastering, with or without insulation, used is of the highest quality available. We cannot guarantee against any imperfections or variations in the glass, rendering systems or plastering, with or without insulation, making process. Glass, rendering systems or plastering, with or without insulation, is a natural product that can display various visual properties that are not faults and do not detract from the performance of the window, rendering systems or plastering, with or without insulation, The coatings that provide the required energy rating may cause a coloured haze or hue in certain lighting conditions, these are unavoidable consequences of the glass making process and are not faults.

22 The guarantee will be void if:
a) Any person/s not authorised have carried out repairs or alterations to the products
b) The products have been damaged by accident or misuse

23 Where the Purchaser has chosen to build the case and foundations.
a) The Purchaser shall contract directly with such builder as the Purchaser may choose and it is the Purchaser’s responsibility to satisfy himself that the chosen builder is competent to carry out the required works
b) It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that the base and foundations are sufficient for the proposed build and that they have been built to Building Regulations and NHBC standards. The Company shall NOT provide the Purchaser or the builder a base plan with approximate dimensions to construct a suitable base. The Company will not provide recommendations as to the construction of any part of the case and foundations, these are matters for the Purchaser to decide in conjunction with his builder, having regard to any site conditions that may exist.

24 Where the Company is asked to supply/install a build on an existing base ie tiled conservatory roof system, it is recommended that the purchaser obtains his own advice about the suitability of this. The Company’s obligations at survey are limited to measuring the base for the purpose of the Contracted installation and carrying out a visual inspection of the base to look for obvious signs of damage or defect. In the absence of this, the Company shall be entitled to assume without carrying out any further enquiries  that the base and foundations are sufficient for that purpose.

25 The Purchaser agrees to ensure that the base is ready within 6 weeks of survey or receipt of all necessary third-party approvals, whichever is the latter. If the base is not ready within that time the Company reserves the right to request a further stage payment of up to 90% of the Contract price (less any payments already made by the Purchaser) to cover costs.

26 If the Purchaser sells the Property, the Company will on request transfer the unexpired portion of the Guarantee to the new owner, providing that the transfer fee of £350.00 inclusive of VAT is paid. The Company reserves the right to make a reasonable increase to the transfer fee on an annual basis. Any request for transfer must be made within three months of completion of the sale to allow the Company to advise the new owner of their maintenance obligations. Failing this, the Company reserves the right to charge the new owner for an inspection of the installation prior to transferring the Guarantee. A replacement guarantee certificate will only be issued by the Company on request if the original guaranteed certificate is lost or destroyed at a cost of £150.00 inclusive of VAT. Service calls outside of the Guarantees are charged and £180.00 plus vat, there will also be a charge if parts are required upon a write price will be provided.

27 Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd will take digital images for records before, during and after works are completed. All images are protected by copyright as artistic work known as the “creator” and are solely owned Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd. From time to time these images will be used for marketing in local papers, website, and social media. Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd will not disclose the customer’s name and address.

28 To comply with the requirements of the Building Regulations Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd are registered members of CERTASS. This means we can self-certify that our installed products meet the requirements of the Building Regulations. Sometimes after installation of our windows and doors CERTASS will send directly to you your certificate of compliance. Please note that the responsibility for sending the certificate rests solely with CERTASS and any payments due to Greenoak under this contract should not be delayed because you are waiting for your CERTASS certificate. CERTASS Ltd. PO Box 26332, Ayr. KA7 9BJ: 01292 292099 emails: info@certass.co.uk

Should you require your windows and doors to be PAS24, this will need to be advised on contract / survey, and put in writing, Greenoak Concept & Design shall be under no liability or responsibility whatsoever in the event PAS24 being required via homeowner or contractor. It is the Purchaser’s sole responsibility to ensure all requirements.

*If you wish for your Tiled roof to comply with building control regulations there will be requirements for extra PIR insulation and fees for building control via Stroma building control, please ask your representative for an additional cost. Please note few Local authorities in England and Wales don’t currently consider conservatory roofs replacements to come under Building Regulations, if in doubt please contact your local authority or speak with a member at Greenoak Concept & Design for further advice.
All Greenoak Concept & Design roofing systems come with full building control within your fixed price contract.

29 Data protection, we will use your personal data so that we can process your order and fulfil our obligations to you under this agreement. To protect your interest, we require all customers to verify their identity when dealing with us, we may ask you to provide contact numbers, address, and emails before we discuss your order. All data will not be shared with 3 rd parties and only used via Greenoak Staff and only for the purpose of the sign contract. From time to time, we may email you with propositions, should you wish to opt out, please email by way of return.

30 The customer is responsible for removal all of furniture and items which could obstruct the installation prior to the arrival of the installation team.

31 Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd may use sub-contractors from time to time to carry out their projects. All Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd subcontractors hold their own public liability and have full clear knowledge of the project set out for them and the installation they are to undertake. Any work undertaken via subcontractors is solely liable for all works completed, this releases Greenoaks Concept & Design for any wrongdoing, services calls, repair work, damage, and ongoing issues. Whist Greenoak are free from any claim brought against them for subcontractors’ work we will endeavor to help in any way to resolve the issues, within our company guarantee. All projects undertaken are given the same level of customer care and service from Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd and there chosen Sub-Contractors.

32 All customers must supply any written requirement for works, including plans, drawings, legal requirements, Health and Safety requirements, public liabilities which is to clearly state and request if labours are to hold a valid CSCS card and health and safety courses, upon signing Greenoak Concept & Design contracts, all fitters will be free to complete signed works without CSCS cards or customers health and safety requests and will only adhere to Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd requirements. CSCS are not a legal requirement and are only a recommendation, fitters will only have these cards upon request at the point of signed contracts. All fitters will have dated and signed risk statements and Health and Safety requirements for all projects supplied via Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd.

The Company guarantee above applies to Products which have been supplied and installed by the Company. When the purchaser or a third-party installs the product, the guarantee under this Contract is limited to the Product only. Should the Product become defective because of faulty materials and require a replacement component, our responsibility is limited to supplying the replacement component only. This means that the Company takes no responsibility for installation work performed by the Customer or a third-party. As such, all visits to the Purchaser’s property during or after the installation will be chargeable whatever the reason.
The Purchaser has the right to cancel this Contract/Agreement with Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd if He wishes. That right can be exercised by delivering or sending (including by electronic mail) a cancellation notice to: The Legal Department, Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd, 4 Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon, Essex. SS14 3JJ. at any time within the period of 14 calendar days under the Consumer Contracts Regulations starting with the day of receipt of this notice in writing of the ‘Right to Cancel’ the agreement. Notice of cancellation is deemed to be served as soon as it is posted or sent or, in the case of electronic mail, on the day it is sent. The Purchaser may be required to pay for any goods and services supplied if performance of the Contract has begun with the Purchaser’s written agreement before the end of the cancellation period. The Purchaser may use the cancellation form printed on this document if He so wishes. If cancelling by e-mail, please include your name and full address with postcode.

If you wish to cancel this Contract/Agreement you must:

Do so IN WRITING and post directly to registered SS14 3JJ or
send (which may be electronic mail) Email
Complete, detach and return the form below to the address opposite:

I/We hereby give notice that I/We wish to cancel this
Contract as detailed in the Notice of Right to Cancel. 

Terms & Conditions as of 01/06/2023

Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd
4 Capricorn Court
Cranes Farm Road
SS14 3JJ

Email: info@greenoakcompany.co.uk

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