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Upgrading your conservatory roof with a solid tiled roof: our top 10 tips

Replacing your conservatory roof is a considerable investment. It’s a great way to improve both the performance and appearance of your property but you will want to ensure that you make a fully informed decision about the best new tiled conservatory roof you choose.

At Greenoak Concept & Design, we have decades of experience in the Home Improvement industry. To help you make the best choice about your new project, here are 10 tips from the experts to consider:

1. Check the U-Value Energy Rating (W/m2.K.)

This is one for the technical people out there. The roofing energy rating scale runs as a U-Value. Any replacement roof must receive at least a 0.18 rating to comply with current Building Regulations. At Greenoak Concept & Design are proud that all our supalite tiled roof achieve a U-Value rating of 0.15 W/m2.K.

2. Choose the most suitable style for your home

The type of conservatory you have on your property will have a big influence on the style of roof you choose. For most modern properties, Metrolite grey tiles are the popular choice. More traditional properties are often more suited to Tapco slate effect tiles. All styles vary from Edwardian, Lean-to, Victorian, P-Shape or gable end, all can be viewed on our website: www.greenoakcompany.co.uk

3. Find a Company with all the necessary accreditations, check the company out before signing any contracts

Third party accreditations are a great way to confirm that a Company is professional and reputable. At Greenoak Concept & Design, we are accredited by several recognised industry bodies. These include, Certass, Trust Mark, JHAI, Homepro and Fairtrades. We are also a registered member of Trustatrader.com.

4. Look for positive customer reviews

Customer testimonials are, perhaps, the best way to gauge a Company’s professionalism and workmanship. At Greenoak Concept & Design we are extremely proud of our positive customer reviews. They are testament to the fact that our installation teams always go above and beyond to ensure that each customer is satisfied and that the products we use are always of the highest standard. These can be viewed on Google reviews or https://www.trustatrader.com/traders/greenoak-concept-design-ltd-double-glazing-southend-on-sea

5. Ask for a comprehensive no obligation quote

The cost of replacing your conservatory roof is one of, if not the most important consideration for many homeowners. Before you decide on which company to choose, it’s a good idea to shop around and get at least three quotes from specialist companies in your area that have a track record, showroom/Offices and properties which you can view. The white van man is still out there looking to take your hard-earned cash and have a nice family holiday. At Greenoak we say “Cheap isn’t great, Great isn’t Cheap”. The age old saying is you get what you pay for.

6. Add Value to Your House

A conservatory isn’t considered ‘functional living space’, so you’re limited to what you can add in value. If you turn your new space into a functional living area, there’s potential to increase the value of your home. While there are no guarantees, you’ll certainly have more chance of increasing value with a roof. Always consult your estate agent first.

7. Maintain a Comfortable Temperature All Year Round

Traditional conservatories aren’t the most habitable places. In the summer months, the temperature rises to sweltering levels, and in the winter, it’s like stepping into a large ice cube. A SupaLite tiled roof system solves both of these problems. A well-insulated roof controls the temperature, meaning you can access the room all year round.

8. Give Your Home the ‘Wow’ Factor

A tiled roof integrates with existing architectural and building elements. Unlike glass conservatories, they open up a range of interior and exterior styling options. Internally, lighting can be adapted to suit your needs, such as incorporating spotlights or downlights. Family rooms can enjoy integrated audio and visual equipment, and installers can conceal wires for a neat aesthetic.

Externally, tiles can be customised in colour and design, and you can make the most of natural light by adding a SkyVista or SkyElevate window system.

9. Ensure that your new Conservatory tiled roof is guaranteed

In the unlikely event that you experience any problems with your new Tiled roof, you’ll want the peace of mind that your investment is protected. All our Roof installations come with a full Company insurance backed guarantee on workmanship, product warranty via Supalite, Building Control certificate via JHAI and all electrical Part-P certification, so all you have to do is contact us within the specified time period and we’ll rectify the problem as quickly as possible.

10. Visit a Company showroom to get a feel for the products and the business

One of the best ways to make up your mind about your new tiled conservatory roof is to visit a showroom to ‘try before you buy’. At Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd you can see and try out all our products and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team about any concerns you have regarding your project.

As well as the benefits mentioned above, a Greenoak SupaLite roof:

  • Keeps conservatories cool on sunny days, even in direct sunlight
  • Has a low risk of burglaries the tiles can withstand attempted removal
  • Prevents any leaks with a watertight installation
  • Eliminates noise from rain, wind and wildlife
  • Cuts most glare experienced with polycarbonate or glass roofs
  • Eliminates the need to climb ladders to clean dirty roofs
  • Is designed and tested to standards demanded by the JHAI building regulation authority
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