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Do Conservatories Add Value To A Property?

Many thoughts wonder in the minds of many of whether conservatories add to the value of a property. If you’re a homeowner and lucky enough to own a conservatory as part of your property, you have probably thought, “Does adding a conservatory add value to my property?” or maybe, “How much value does a conservatory add to your house?”.

Home improvements constitute a thriving industry, and if you happen to own a home with a conservatory, you have the potential to generate significant profit. Statistics from the GOV reveal that approximately 18% of households in England boast a conservatory. Integrating a well-constructed high-quality conservatory can elevate your home’s value by a minimum of 5-10%. There are numerous strategies to enhance the value of your home, and in this discussion, we will concentrate on conservatories, exploring the approaches you can adopt to optimise your home’s overall value.

To ascertain that your home with a conservatory proves to be a sound investment, it’s essential to ensure the following criteria are met.

Tiled conservatory roof southend

Invest adequately and don’t cut corners

Having additional space in your home is a true luxury, especially if you have the budget and time to do it right. While DIY conservatory kits might seem tempting due to potential cost savings, relying on experienced and reputable conservatory installers is crucial. Their expertise ensures your conservatory is fully guaranteed, providing peace of mind that you won’t be financially burdened if any issues arise.

Make sure your conservatories are energy-efficient

Owning a conservatory is wonderful, but is it energy-efficient? Energy efficiency can significantly impact people’s decisions if you plan to sell or rent out your home. Opting for double-glazed windows and a well-insulated roof that offers comfort in both summer and winter should be high on your priority list when adding or renovating your conservatory. Reducing energy bills as much as possible is seen as a top-tier decision factor for most homeowners and people looking to rent.

Choose the right roof for your conservatory

As mentioned, ensuring energy efficiency is a top priority when considering a conservatory. Opting for a well-constructed solid tiled conservatory roof instead of polycarbonate or glass provides superior insulation, effectively regulating temperatures in all seasons. It’s durability and appealing design make it a long-lasting and visually satisfying choice for homeowners, ultimately optimising both comfort and aesthetics.

Ensure your conservatory merges seamlessly

While a conservatory can significantly enhance your home, carefully considering its placement and design is crucial. Treating it as a mere afterthought might diminish its potential value, impacting how your home is priced in the market. Is your conservatory easily accessible? Does it integrate with your home in a way that makes sense? Have a think about it.

If you already have a conservatory, refurbish it

For property owners with existing conservatories, there’s encouraging news. Several approaches are available to enhance your property’s value through conservatory refurbishments. However, the question arises: why should you consider refurbishing a conservatory in the first place?

If your conservatory looks worn out or doesn’t match your preferences, modern technology and design innovations offer the opportunity for a stunning transformation. By refurbishing your conservatory, you can turn it into a contemporary, magical space seamlessly integrating into your home, making it enjoyable year-round.

Consultants can assess your conservatory and recommend options, including replacing outdated materials like polycarbonate roofing with self-cleaning glass, ensuring improved heat retention, minimal maintenance, and competitive pricing.

Options you may want to consider refurbishing:

  • Transform the look of your bungalow by changing the roof design to a pitched roof, even if it’s a single-story structure, giving it a completely new appearance.
  • Upgrade windows and doors while utilising the existing framework to enhance the overall aesthetics.
  • Increase energy efficiency by replacing wall and roof glass with more energy-efficient alternatives.
  • Add a touch of style by incorporating an orangery-style head beam with downlights in your conservatory.
  • Ensure comfort year-round by installing roof vents that can be operated manually or electronically equipped with automatic rain and temperature sensors to keep your conservatory cool during the summer.

The good news is you won’t need planning permission

Conservatories are typically subject to the same regulations as other property extensions, meaning you usually won’t need to seek permission as long as you comply with planning guidelines. However, there are exceptions, such as:

  1. The extension cannot encroach on more than half of the land surrounding the original house structure.
  2. The height of the conservatory extension must not exceed the existing roof.
  3. If the conservatory is within two meters of a boundary, its height should not surpass three meters.

While planning permission might not be necessary, applying for building regulations is still required. If in doubt, seeking clarification is recommended, with key exemptions being:

  1. The conservatory has a floor area of less than 30 square meters.
  2. The conservatory is physically separated from the main property by an external wall or door.


In conclusion, the decision to invest in a conservatory is not just a matter of adding physical space; it’s a strategic move that can significantly boost your property’s value. As we’ve explored, statistics and industry insights affirm the potential for a conservatory to contribute a noteworthy 5-10% increase in your home’s overall worth. 

However, to ensure your investment stands the test of time and market trends, adhering to specific guidelines and making informed choices is crucial. The journey to optimise your property’s value through a conservatory involves careful planning, thoughtful design choices, and a commitment to quality.

Whether you are contemplating a new addition or revitalising an existing one, the potential for financial gain and an enriched living experience awaits those who navigate this endeavour wisely.

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