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How much is silicone rendering per m2?

If you’re aware of silicone rendering and its benefits, it should also come as no surprise that the installation of silicone rendering is nothing short of a specialist task to carry out. Whilst many homeowners and skilled individuals may choose to install silicone rendering themselves, it is recommended to hire a professional for the best results possible. But, the question remains… “How much is silicone rendering?” and “How much does it cost to install silicone rendering?”

Welcome to Greenoak Concept & Design, where we discuss the cost of silicone rendering and how much you should expect to pay for installations, whether you’re based in Essex or London.

What Is silicone render?

There are various types of render on the market, but silicone render especially is a type of wall coating made from silicone-based materials. Silicone render is applied to the exterior of buildings, mainly homes, as both a decorative and, most importantly, a protective finish. Unlike traditional cement-based rendering, silicone rendering is known to be very flexible and weather-resistant.

This makes it an ideal choice for buildings in areas with fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions. With silicone rendering, you can expect no cracks for many years to come. Moreover, silicone rendering also has a better finish than monocouche rendering, as it adds a modern, sleek style appearance to a building’s exterior.

Not only does silicone rendering have the capability to change the whole outlook of your building, but it also has the power to improve energy efficiency by adding an effective barrier against headloss, reducing the need for additional external wall insulation. In conclusion, silicone render is the perfect, low-maintenance, durable option for adding an attractive, weather-resistant finish to any building.

How much does silicone render cost per m2?

What is the price per square meter for silicone rendering? The cost of silicone render in 2023 is subject to variation, influenced by factors such as property location, project scale, material quality, and the chosen rendering company.

You should expect a price on average to fall anywhere between £110 to £185 per square meter for the installation of silicone/insulated rendering. You may be tempted to take the cheapest quote offered, but be wary that cheap is not always the safer option despite paying less because, as the saying goes, “buy twice, buy twice”. When looking for the cost of silicone rendering, compare quotes from two to three rendering companies whilst also considering the products, the overall service, the warranty and the guarantee.

Remember that 95% of rendering contractors operate as small, two-person teams. They will handle the sales, survey, and installation of your rendering but may not have showrooms for you to preview the product before making a purchase.

Ensuring that you receive a comprehensive written quotation before proceeding with any rendering project is crucial. Once you decide to move forward, insist on a detailed written contract outlining the scope of work. Reputable companies will also furnish you with an insurance indemnity.

Never, under any circumstances, make payments without obtaining these documents. Exercise caution if a company only provides a mobile phone number, as this may indicate unreliability. Following your signed contract, you will have a full survey and consultation to review your project in detail again.

Lets Get Down To Pricing

The pricing for silicone render work typically encompasses both material and labour costs. On average, the total cost per square meter ranges from £110.00 to £185.00. This breakdown of the average silicone render cost includes the following components:

  • Site preparation – Safeguarding all floor surfaces, including driveways and paths, and covering windows and doorways with protective sheeting.
  • Scaffolding – This should always be included in your predetermined price.
  • Removal – The removal of any blown existing render on the property.
  • BasecoatApplying scratch coat and bed reinforcement mesh to prevent cracking.
  • Fibreglass mesh – This is embedded within the basecoat, fibreglass mesh.
  • Topcoat primer – This improves the fix of the render and limits absorption, where a second coat to a flat, smooth finish.
  • Topcoat – This is the anti-crack, flexible, coloured silicone finish that is applied with any colour of choice. 
  • Beading – This step requires the rendering installation company to neaten the edges and corners.
  • Remove waste – This is where the installation company removes any waste.


White house with silicone coloured rendering wakering

Other Prices For Silicone Rendering Your Home

When contemplating the expenses associated with silicone rendering, it’s essential to consider various additional costs. Some of the most prevalent supplementary expenditures comprise:

  • Preparatory tasks – Adequate preparation of the rendering surface is necessary, involving activities such as cleaning, addressing cracks and holes, and applying a bonding agent. The expenses associated with these preparatory steps can accumulate, especially in cases where substantial repairs are needed.
  • Scaffolding – Depending on the height and accessibility of the building, scaffolding may be necessary, adding to the overall cost of the project.
  • Protective coverings – To prevent damage to surrounding areas, protective coverings such as plastic sheeting or drop cloths may be required.
  • Waste management – Clearing away excess materials and waste from the site may incur additional expenses in the overall project cost.
  • Pipework – Soil and drainage pipes may sometimes require moving, especially if you have an extra layer added to your wall, ie insulation.
  • Permits and inspections – Depending on the jurisdiction, you may need to obtain permits or have the work inspected, which can also add to the cost.

Pick The Right Rendering Company

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Our company has steadily grown over the last 12 years to provide a full range of rendering services to domestic and commercial customers. As a result, our reputation has grown, and we are now known as one of the most reliable rendering companies in Essex.


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