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Which Replacement Conservatory Tiled Roof is Best? – Supalite vs Guardian

Choosing the right tiled roof is crucial when deciding to build a new conservatory or replace an existing conservatory roof. A new replacement conservatory tiled roof can provide excellent insulation against cold and external noise, creating a comfortable, year-round living space. 

Combining an internally plastered ceiling and external tiling results in a room that feels like a natural extension of your home. With Supalite and Guardian tiled roofs available, you may be unsure which conservatory roof system is best. At Greenoak Concept & Design, we only offer the Supalite Roof for many reasons, and we aim to explain why through a detailed comparison.

What is a Guardian Roof?

A Guardian roof is a fully insulated system designed to make conservatories useable throughout the year. It improves thermal efficiency and comfort, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

What is a SupaLite Roof?

A SupaLite roof is also a fully insulated system designed for year-round use. It has a plastered interior ceiling and various roof colours to match any home. SupaLite roofs also include full internal LED spotlights, adding functionality and style.

which replacement conservatory tiled roof is best greenoak concept and design supalite roofs

Supalite Roof Tiles vs. Guardian Roof Tiles

Supalite roofs offer more colour options and a longer weather resistance guarantee, ensuring long-term durability and aesthetic flexibility.

Supalite Roof Tiles

  • Available with Tapco or Extralight tiles.
  • Offered in seven different colours.
  • Guaranteed against the weather for 50 years.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand.
  • Exclusive to Supalite in the UK.

Guardian Roof Tiles

  • Available in Slate and Metrotile options.
  • Offered in five different colours.
  • Suitable for various property styles.

Does a Supalite or Guardian Conservatory roof have good thermal performance?

Supalite and Guardian replacement roofs have different U-values. Guardian meets a rating of 0.18 W/m2k, whereas Supalite meets a better rating of 0.15W/m2k.

A Supalite replacement conservatory roof achieves impressive U-values using insulated plasterboard, EPS insulation, exterior-grade plyboard, and breathable waterproof membranes. This offers the best energy rating available for a replacement conservatory roof.

The Guardian Conservatory roof reaches the 0.18 W/m2k measurement using a 3-layer insulation method, including an exterior grade ply board and a breathable waterproof membrane.

which replacement conservatory tiled roof is best greenoak concept and design sunlight

Natural Light Options

Both systems provide excellent natural light options, but the Supalite Sky Vista hybrid roof offers a unique, integrated solution.

Supalite Roof

  • Sky Vista hybrid roof with full-length glazing panels.
  • Offers ample natural light and ventilation.

Guardian Roof

  • It can be fitted with large Solstice skylights.
  • Enhances light intake significantly.

Special Features of Supalite Roofs

Supalite roofs come with additional features that enhance both functionality and aesthetics:

  • Matching soffit and fascia system.
  • Integrated LED patio lighting for improved night visibility and ambience.
  • Creates a cohesive extension feel to the home.
Are Guardian Roofs Any Good?

Guardian roofs are great for any home. They are also very thermally efficient and have excellent u-value.

Are SupaLite Roofs Any Good?

SupaLite roofs are high-performance roofs that are fully compliant with building regulations. They come with a 50-year weather resistance guarantee and are available in an extensive range of colours to match any home.

which replacement conservatory tiled roof is best greenoak concept and design supalite roof installation

Replace Conservatory Roof With Tiles Cost

When considering a replacement conservatory tiled roof, cost is an important factor. While both SupaLite and Guardian roofs represent a significant investment, the long-term benefits and savings on energy bills make SupaLite a more cost-effective option.

The superior thermal performance of SupaLite roofs reduces heating and cooling costs, providing significant savings over time.

Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Changing an existing conservatory roof to either a Guardian or Supalite roof requires compliance with Building Regulations. However, both systems are certified under different approval schemes:

Supalite Roof: Certified under Stroma.

Guardian Roof: LABC-approved.

Our roofing partner, SupaLite, and their licensed approved inspector, Jhai Building Control Ltd, handle the building control certification process for you. This ensures compliance with all necessary regulations and saves you time and hassle, providing peace of mind that your new conservatory roof meets all legal standards.

Replacing Your Conservatory Roof

When it comes to replacing your conservatory roof, SupaLite offers the best combination of thermal performance, durability, aesthetic options, and additional features. 

We have provided customers with SupaLite roofs for over ten years. During this time, we have extensively evaluated various tiled roof systems, including Guardian, Equinox, Warm a Roof, and Leka. While each system has merits, we found that SupaLite consistently delivers superior performance and reliability.

At Greenoak Concept & Design, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services. By choosing a SupaLite roof, you invest in a proven, reliable solution that will last. 

Contact us today to learn more about our replacement conservatory tiled roof options and to schedule a consultation. Let us help you transform your conservatory into a beautiful, comfortable living space that you can enjoy year-round.

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