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Can i put cladding over my rendering / pebbledash? - Greenoak Concept & Design

Can i put cladding over my rendering / pebbledash?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when customer’s contact Greenoak Concept & Design Ltd when looking to change their out-dated pebbledash/rendering.

The simple answer to this question is, yes.
However, there are certain factors that need to be considered.


To establish the type of rendering.  i.e. sand & cement (OCR), monocouche, silicone or pebbledash, and more importantly, its condition.


When installing pebbledash, the process involves throwing stones and pebbles onto freshly laid render and pressing them down but this also causes an incredibly uneven surface.

Technically, you can install cladding materials over pebbledash as long as the pebbledash is in good condition and the process is undertaken carefully.

If the pebbledash is crumbling, covered in cracks and/or worn in places then installing cladding over the top is just going to be hiding problems that can cause issues further down the line.

The best option would be to fully remove the pebbledash/rendering and begin the process on clean render free walls.

Greenoak Concept & Design are Essex leading and only preferred Hardie Plank (composite cladding) specialists with over 15 years’ experience within the wall cladding sector, so consulting one of our team members here at Greenoak would be your first port of call.

If your exterior walls are in a poor condition, we would carry out a more detailed inspection when conducting a survey and follow all the methods outlined via James Hardie Plank Cladding.

We would remove the areas of damage and also vapour control the walls.

In addition to this, deeper batten tracks would be fixed in place where the pebbledash/rendering has been removed before installing the cladding.

Hardie Plank cladding has now become one on the most sort after and fashionable home improvement products on the market.

Cladding your home comes with multiple benefits including increased insulation, having an extra weather resistant barrier around your property thus protecting it from the elements. It is also aesthetically pleasing, improving the appearance of your home.

If you have any technical questions, please contact our offices and speak with one of our highly trained specialists who will be able to assist you further.

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